Unconstitutional drunk driving law

I think that it is a great tool for police to use as it gets drunk drivers off the road immediately. I do not see how Police could “abuse” their power as the IRP allows for a person to blow a second time if he felt that the test results were incorrect, (with a different instrument). It was an actual common sense method for dealing with impaired drivers. The original method of dealing with a criminal code impaired driving charge involved returning to the cop shop for a breath sample, then loose your licence after 21 days of driving, and eventually a court date where you could pay your lawyer $10,000 for a shot to get off. The officers get paid overtime to go to testify against you, and if there was mistakes made… you may get off the charge, but you’ve already been off the road for months and paid your lawyer large cash.
I can hardly think that this is martial law… it is what is it supposed to be “Immediate Roadside Prohibition” IRP. BC is lucky to have it, and I hope it stays the way it is!
It’s too bad that it takes a loss of a loved one to see that driving drunk shoud have immediate consequenses.

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