Ugly store front update

I have plywood on my windows and this letter came from the city! I notice the city has a few schools and buildings in dis repair and plywood on their windows.So any way it seems like after my rant  a letter showed up from the city to do what i don’t know? maybe I could paint windows on the plywood?

Wouldnt’ get all paranoid over it, looks more like a general information letter probably delivered to all business owners in the downtown area.

That being said, they should be making an effort to try and clean up the downtown area, as it looks rather run down.

If you have concerns over the direction the city is going in changing the appearance of its downtown, take them up on the offer of a response, join up with your fellow downtown business owners and see what can be done. 

yea looks like a generic letter but i do wonder if one was sent to the school district

We do need to look at it because its not looking very appealing;Ing.
the city should have a bylaw if you don’t keep up your store front
in a proper manner then you will pay a fine or the city will clean it
up and the bill is sent to you and added to your taxes if you don’t pay.
We don’t need a prince Rupert eastside.

Not West of McBride, anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

htmf needs a grammar fine :stuck_out_tongue:

The letter is generic, we got one, even though we dont own the building, I assume it was easier for the city to just send letters to everyone.

Actually the school district doesn’t have the funds to tear down 4 schools, which is whats slated to hapen to them because they can’t sell them unless used for education, the only educational sector here is the school district ha ha ha

well,well…it’s about friggin time… lets see how long it takes to enforce.

If you can afford to own a building downtown have some pride in ownership and buck up a can of paint goes a long way. It’s not to hard to remove a broken awning so you can evict a few pigeons…

:smiley: You mean the  :astonished: Eye-Sore D.Q Building  :unamused: lol.

D.Q. Imperial palace, Audio Vision, Home Hardware, and epicurean just to name a few…

No doubt those places are the worst in town…

the city should start handing out either checks or fines especially to ones like adiovision ,  has anyone ever seen that place open ,  you shouldnt be able to use a widowfront store for storage of old junk nobody wants this town is pityfull looks just like a reserve might as well be .

I agree, but on the reserve part not all reserves are junk like your describing it

what reserve turd?

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha reserve turd now that shits funny

Go to the Musqueam Indian Reserve near UBC; it’s like the British Properties of all Indian Reserves.