did anyone else see the ufo over the city tonight?

seen some kinda flashing light, kinda looked like round orb

took a few pics but just turned out a light in sky lol

Orange lights flashing through the sky!

Orange flashing lights flying through the nights sky!


Yes, around 9PM last night, N/S over the railway tracks, E/W over the Highliner - Ocean View area. Elongated rather than circular. Shimmering orange-red more than flashing, like the international space station if you’ve ever looked at it with binoculars. About the size of an airliner going over several hundred feet up, but moving very slowly, almost stationary, towards the west.

Pics please with everyone with a cellphone why no pics…come on people…

Evertone with a cel phone stop picking

santas sleigh obviously. you think he goes right home after? stopped in for a pint at a buddys

damn big fingers and small keyboards…lol

few pics, flares dont go side to side and up lol

Maybe this blast from the htmf past will help to shed some light on the unusual lights


I also saw these and was in awe watching them it was somewhat cloudy and there were two of them, as much as I wish that was proof of UFO’s I could be wrong but I’m almost convinced they are chinese lanterns.

UFOS are serious business…