UFC 57 - Liddell/Couture 3

Does anyone know if any bars in town are going to be showing the upcoming UFC 57 on Saturday night? Should be friggin’ awesome.

Sollys is probly your best bet. Im not in town right now but when the last big ufc event was on they had it. So im pretty sure they will have this one to.

Keep in mind that there is a Canucks game that night.

Pride fighting MMA from Japan is way better than UFC any day.

Belmont used to have them but I havent watched one there in a long time. I have a few friends with the US satelitte and so I get to watch them in comfort with cheap drinks.

Pride is good but I wouldn’t call it better than UFC. Both have great fighters. The one thing that I like about Pride is that being in Japan the audience has a huge respect for the fighters as martial arts is part of their culture.


Bitch, come get my couch.


Breakers had the UFC on last night. All in all it was pretty good. Disappointing last fight. I was really hoping that Couture would have won, but that slip in the 2nd round cost him everything. On ufc.tv they showed that there was going to be 9 fights, but they only showed 6. Breakers was packed…until the fights were over that is.

What a awesome 57 Sad though but awesome…Huge fan, anyone wnat to get togther for the next fight? in PR that is…


The next fight night is the first Saturday in March. Canada vs. USA. Canadians David Loiseau and Georges St. Pierre are some of the best out there right now. Should be good. Not sure if Breakers is gonna show it again. I’ll post when I hear something.