Ubuntu 7.04 Released!

Ubuntu 7.04 Linux is available today for download.  Ubuntu is a very user friendly version of Linux that is easy to set-up and install. :sunglasses:

Ubuntu Linux

The arsheholes! I just finished repartitioning and reinstalling it last Sunday. Then I noticed I did 6.06 instead of 6.10 and couldn’t use the automatic upgrade!
Well I needed something to blow steam off after the canucks lost last nite. “Feisty Fawn” where do they get those dumb names? I liked Horny Hedgehog!

EDIT: whoops that was a Freudian typo…

I’m still running 6.10 on my work units.  What’s 7.04 like to run?  Worth the upgrade?  I’m really liking Debian Etch right now:-)