U.S. Federal Commission asked to investigate Fairview

American concerns about container shipments through Fairview Terminal reached a new height last week, as Federal Maritime Commission Chair Richard Lidinsky confirmed that congressmen from the west coast had asked him to investigate Prince Rupert to determine if it puts U.S. ports at an unfair disadvantage.

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Hmmm, seems like we discussed this earlier and the idea of American protectionism was tossed aside


Guess we may have to look at that again then.

If the americans want to play that way then we should explore other options… its not like they pay their bills anyway (ahem hydro) so maybe we should explore exporting more goods to china and start moving away from trading with the use. Short term pain, long term gain. They need our resources more than we need to sell to them. I’m sure lots of other countries would like to trade with us.

Our reliance on the US has hurt us time and time again, too bad our government doesnt have the balls to end it.

Yeah we do seem to depend on them a bit too much at times , then when they are going broke and in such a mess , we begin to worry about our own finincial situation. I have always said they will fall just like the Romans did one day but that is just how much I love the country which loves to invade countries in the name of peace. I know someone will give me what for once again but that is how I see it.

funny how they want to investigate the port but not the subsidy that the tar sands get from the federal government, could it be because they need our oil? maybe we should tell them to f off or we will tax the oil we send them, oh wait Harper doesn’t have the balls for that, he only likes to talk tough