Typing Test

How many ladies probably want you?

Do the 1st one

85, but 1 was an error.

64, 3 errors. I’ll try it from work as my keyboard there is better and has a lighter touch than this one.

Mavis Beacon usually scores me at 85+

96 & 1 error. I type my best on a laptop keyboard :smile:

163 wpm & 171 errors.

The heat of my mbp makes it hard to type, honestly.  I have my wrists raised right now to keep t them off the part below the keyboard.  When I actually tried the test I was doing 80wpm when I didn’t care, with no mistakes, then I started paying attention and dropped down to like 67 with 6 errors.

Sucks about your MBP.  I have one as well but it doesn’t overheat like that.

Try raising it off of your desk.  I have 4 clothespins underneath mine (one at each corner), so that allows for air to circulate underneath the computer.

Give it a shot, because that’s too bad if your computer is so hot that you actually notice it.

oh’ so the mpb is getting warm. Must be a revision #1… Take it in and they will replace the main board under warrantee. Tell them it gets to hot. :smiley:

#1 Reason why i sold mine and got a 15" 1.67G4 Pb instead.

Man you guys type fast!  Are you all freaks with 7 fingers in each hand?
Best I could do  was 49 wpm with no errors.

I’m with you there Big Thumb, I managed 48 with 1 error.