Two lane drive-through at McDonald's in BC cities


I understand the new two lane drive-through concept has been implemented at McDonald’s simply because a one lane drive-through takes the lineup right into traffic onto 11th Ave.East in Prince Rupert. That being said McDonald’s opened up the two lanes today for a brief time today and something major happened and they shut both lanes down for the rest of the day. I can only speculate as to what happened but a simple road rage in Prince Rupert at the drive-through is first on my mind. If anyone saw what happened could you please give some details.


I believe the Timmie’s on Keith in Terrace has a 2 lane drive-thru now.


I could imagine it was a disaster in Rupert.


This is apparently causing problems across the country and in the US. There is even a facebook group intent on getting it shut down. … /timeline/


No road rage disasters so far. Dual lane opened Tuesday morning at 5am. The Drivethru was closed Monday for a good portion of the day at the techs reconfigured the registers and finished running nessasary cables ect…
As with anything new both the team at the restaurant as well as the customers are learning and adjusting.