TV's and other confusing things

Well soon I will be buying a new TV,  but I know very little.  I will tell you what it will be used for and maybe someone out there can tell me what the best option is.

I want a 52’ and she wants a 42’  So I need a good argument for that.
It will be used for the XBox 360 and sometimes the  Wii
It will also be used for movies so good sound with the option to expand is good.

is plasma better or lcd???  alot of questions I know.

i have a 42" plasma panasonic viera - great tv in my opinion top brand now in plasmas . but we want a 50-52 more now lol. really with the size it matters how far away your tv is. sound is great i run the wii , ps3 , 360 and my desktop pc on it.price has gone down on it quite a bit since i bought it . shop around for the price they will match the price in town if you find it cheaper anywhere online etc. eastwind and city furniture is best for price match.

Speaking of TVs, anybody in town that repairs LCD tvs? 

the only one i’d suggest is the guy by overwaitea

LCD for games!!! Plasma will do burn in…

Plasma seems to be cheaper then LCD go with bigger!!! lol

my bro has a 57 inch LCD and loves it for x box…

I have a 42 and wish it was bigger, I use my projector 90 percent of the time and looks great.  My projector was 1/2 the price of my tv and I can bring it in any room or anywhere when ever I want.

A Sharp Aquos 52" LCD would get my vote. ~$1800-2000. If you want plasma, then a Panasonic Viera in the same size is the same price. Do some reading of reviews, even go buy a magazine that talks about this stuff. You’ll appreciate your purchase more, knowing what made you choose it based on what you learned from your research. In other words, don’t buy the Sharp because I said it’s good, find out for yourself. Maybe you’ll decide something else is better. Just make sure it has plenty of the type of inputs you need, if you don’t have a receiver that does. All HDMI inputs are not equal.

Also, size matters mostly for how close you are sitting to the TV, but in reality bigger is usually better, and you would more than likely regret buying a ~42". IMO.

I think it will be a long time before I regret buying a 42".
I certainly regret this HD bullshit though. Starchoice wants you to pay again for some of the HD channels and the Cdns are damn slow moving to HD.
It’s also not very HD… fill up the screen dorks, don’t make an HD that shows as a smaller box and you need to zoom.