TV Torrent essay contest

I have two invitations for TV Torrents.  I think other people can attest to the quality of the site.

The site is invite only, unfortunately I have only 2 to offer up. Memberships are pretty hard to come by from what I understand.  I will not sell them, so the first two people who can write me a PM, and in under 50 words write as to why they should have the invitations.  I’ll pick the best two and post them. Creativity goes miles with me,  and don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.

The invitations will come with 20 gigabytes credit each.

Is there a limit on invitations?  I’ve given out at least 10 in the last year or so.

Might depend on your upload contributions.  And they had cancled invitations for a few months up until recently.

I currently have 7 in my account, if anybody wants one, you can write me an essay too :wink: