Tv fading and then brightening?

My tv is kind of older, and I only use it in my bedroom for VHS and DVD, and my DVD player is plugged in through the VHS
The tv will go really dark for about 10 seconds and then get way brighter compared to the darker although I suppose it’s just regular for about 4 seconds and then go back.

The strange thing is, it only does this if I watch an ACTUAL DVD, if it’s something I’ve downloaded from the computer it’s fine and VHS is fine too!

Help please: )

macrosvision my friend

Yhea, sounds like the first atempts at “anti pirating” does it happen when you dont go through the VCR with the DVD?

I think you’ve misunderstood

If I watch a DVD I’ve gotten from a store it’s all wonky

if it’s a DVD I’ve downloaded from the computer it’s fine!

If I watch VHS it’s fine

and the DVD player worked fine on the other TV it was hooked up to

it’s fine because the DVD you “downloaded” isn’t encrypted with copy-protection,

the store bought one IS.

VHS (with copy protection? hahahahahahahaah)

if you hooked the DVD Player directly to the other TV (and not through a middleman like a VHS Player then the problem with your current setup is copy-protection.)