Tsunami warning

There is a tsunami warning for the BC North Coast in the wake of the Japan earthquake.


Thanks for the heads-up, BigThumb.

Here’s a notice from PEP BC


You can get more information from PEP BC here.


good thing Prince Rupert got rid of its early warning system… some years ago…

I’ve been getting the text message warnings all night on my phone.

CityWest phone?

what app do you use MiG

Guess it wasn’t a citywest phone! hahah!

From the Vancouver Sun

Update: The Provincial Emergency Program has reported just before 8 a.m.that the leading edge of the tsunami expected from the earthquake in Japan has reached Haida Gwaii, with a wave measuring 0.3 metres in height having been observed.

As of 6:47 a.m. B.C.'s coast remained on a Tsunami advisory. According to West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Information, this means a potential tsunami may produce strong currents or waves dangerous to those in or near the water. People are advised to stay away from the shorelines.

Latest estimates say waves may have reached part of the B.C. coast as early as 5:30 a.m. The tsunami information agency is reporting that tsunami activity has been detected in Honolulu, Hilo and Kahalui, Hawaii.

Local officials may choose to close beaches, evacuate harbours and marinas or reposition ships to deep waters when there is time to safely do so.

vancouversun.com/news/Japan+ … story.html

Not an app, I subscribed to some NOAA text-message thing years ago, and it sends an SMS.

Perhaps this place? inws.wrh.noaa.gov/ if not, it’s something like that.

I was on second life last night, and there was a girl from Molokai, Hawaii online giving us updates of what was going on there. I think tsunami warning sirens started at about midnight and she was saying she could hear all of the traffic trying to get to higher ground.

Have we ever had warning systems in place? We’re a coastal town, near a fault line, and we have nothing in place in case of an earth quake or tsunami? Seems kinda weird to me.