Tsunami Warning last night

So they’re was an official Tsunami Warning last night ,when were residents of Prince Rupert going to be notified ? After waking up under water ? I mean Wtf

Here’s the official line:


Thanks ,I think the lack of sirens is a true concern and should seriously be considered. I know we are sheltered herd but still …

During the tsunami warning event in the early morning of January 23rd, it was not determined that a State of Local Emergency or evacuations of low-lying areas would be needed, due to the low level of risk. However, RCMP and Fire Department were mobilized to initiate evacuation procedures by notifying residents door to door should it be required. Fire and RCMP also patrolled low-lying and waterfront areas as a precaution to ensure that community members retained a safe distance from potential tidal events… well they had earnings all the way down to California from a "great earthquake " … somebody local must be professional enough to determine it was a low level of risk ,well other communities ,including Port Ed … took it more seriously .