Tsunami videos


Found some tsunami videos on slashdot and mirrored them (on citytel and on 1and1.com)

I cant get them to work on my computer an you help me please please please i so want to watch them…

LMAO joke… to bad there windows media player ones UGG…

I watched one of the videos, and I just finished watching the news. It’s pretty scary looking. Really fast, for sure.

You can watch them with VLC, if you don’t like Windows Media Player, or with mplayer.

Wow, I just installed VLC earlier today.

tsunamiphuket3.wmv > the rest

Crazy! I couyldn’t really picture how rising water killed so many people, but that pretty much explains it. I’m guessing that clip is from Sri Lanka aswell?

Thailand, I think.

yep. phuket is thailand.



very heavy.

What’s everyone’s charity of choice? The Red Cross seems to get a lot of bad press these days.

The Canadian Relief Fund for Chernobyl Victims in Belarus.

Or “CRFCVB” for short.

How long if the waves last? I mean some of these things are just a wal of water to miles long (thick).