Trying to surf from a hotel

A friend of mine is staying in a hotel in Richmond, and for some reason, can use MSN, but gets 403 Forbidden errors when she tries to view any webpages. She’s plugged into the hotel’s jack, and she tried using wireless but there’s no service in that area.

Any way to check if it’s the connection or the computer? Would she need to change any settings on the laptop?

Whoa, I bet she totally needs to fill in her DNS.

Most likely, she needs to register with the hotel’s network. It’s probably a “captive portal” – that’s why she would be getting 403 (forbidden) on all URLs.

If it was a DNS problem, you’d be getting “site not found” I think…

Mig’s right chances are they have a “captive portal” thats either not fully setup or just not configured right. Well in theory its supposed to redirect all requests to the login page but I guess someone might not want that for reasons that are beyond me. Either way get the login details from the front desk and she should be good to go.

I have one of these setup on My hotspot… only it redirects everyone but me :wink: and its not pretty what the leechers see.

I do this all day :smiley: such easy tuff to do :smiley:

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