Trying to find Free Music Download

I have tried Frost Wire but do not seem to have access to it , I have tried Lime Wire but they seem to be charging now . Can I have a hint as to how or where I may go to get free download music .

bit torrent

Just remember to stay away from illegal music download sites:-)
The “questionable” sites are good places to pick up malware on your PC.
At HTMF we do not condone, allow the distribution of pirated music. 
Good luck in your search for free, legal music. :smiley:

Download .com  the place you need is on (your left) of the page called mp3 search tools

we live in canada and you are allowed to download music…untill the law changes…that is

Sure.  But let us keep it legal, okay?  As I mentioned before we don’t condone, permit the distribution of pirated music.

No we don’t!  We just ask the russians. :wink:

LOL, yep, the ruskkies will have what you want. :smiley: … e-napster/

Yes, for goodness sake stay away from bittorrent sites and newsgroups.

So Eso how the hell does that work ? I got there but where from there is the Big screw up.

?? What’s wrong with Limewire? You just download the free version, put up with an extra click when it starts and search for what you want?

Oh right, go to the options or you leave 20 ports open at full speed and your uploads choke off your download speed… shut it down to 1 guy, 16Kb.

Some older stuff is a pain. Been trying to download a Talking Heads song for over a month…

Ever try Shareaza?  That’s where I get quite a bit of my music from.

Go to Google and paste the following into the search box. Replace Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine with the name of the artist you’d like to find. Although I recommend searching for Richard Cheese :wink: