Trustees NOT acclaimed

No need to worry about who to vote for school trustees, they were all acclaimed.

I thought there were 10 candidates.  Did some of them drop out?  Which ones?

Well, according to this article Prince Rupert was one of four districts where all trustees were acclaimed.  But it could be wrong.

Well, that’s weird.  I’ve had conversations with a couple of candidates, and I’ve even seen some voting materials.  All of which indicated there was going to be an election.

Unless 4 out of 10 dropped out of the race, that is.  But you’d think the newspapers would have covered that.

The Vancouver Sun was wrong…imagine that.  There are ten candidates for the 6 Prince Rupert trustee positions, and four for the single rural trustee position.  Of those, 6 are incumbents, and one former trustee, Janet Mirau, has decided not to seek reelection.  Therefore, given the very volatile issues around education (school closures, testing, possible changes to the secondary schools), an informed vote is essential.  To that end, there is a candidates forum scheduled for Thursday, November 6, at 7 p.m. at CHSS.  Anybody who would like to hear from the candidates and to have a chance to ask questions should consider attending.

The Vancouver Sun article was wrong.  See my post on the “all acclaimed” thread for more.  The issues are important, and a strong board can make a positive difference.  Public forum on Thursday the 6th (7 pm) at CHSS.

Hopefully by merging the topics we will avoid any further confusion.  Darn Vancouver Sun!