Trustee candidates answer questions from teacher's union

The PRDTU posed six questions to all of the trustee candidates running in the 2008 election. We have posted their responses, in their entirety, online due to their length and space constraints in the paper.

The answers from three of the four rural trustees can be found at: … 52519.html

The answers from the 10 Prince Rupert candidates can be found at: … 52604.html

The responses are worth reading, despite the wordiness of some.  A careful reader will discover who to trust (from any perspective) on tough issues like school closures, labour relations, cutbacks, and board authority.  I hope everyone who reads these recommends that a friend do the same.  The next three years will be difficult as a perfect storm of economic recession, Olympic bills, and a provincial election challenge the new board.  We need good, thoughtful people, with diverse perspectives, and the willingness to do their own research.