Anyone heard of these that keeps showing up when I scan for virus or spyware.



Adware.Istbar ?

It’s says infected.

Aki di wi lie…

What software are you using?
Did find this: … saver.html
And: … stbar.html

Follow removal instructions.

Here is the coolest tool around for cleaning up that annoying crap:

When your AdAware finds stuff, deletes it, and it come back again and again you can find the malicious crap hiding with HiJack and whack it. Basically it’s an improved msconfig.
When it’s listed in the log, you can see the ms’m’mgr.exe and d?dplayer.exe* hiding on your computer. These trojans, page hijackers and toolbars are getting more and more intrusive.

  • i forget the trojan, but it inserts a fake file over 400K with a ? so it gets grabbed instead of the legit 48K dvdplayer file. whenever you play music, you’re reinfected.