Triumph of the Ignoroids Part 58677

I was at a meeting Sunday evening in which I mentioned there were federal grants available for remote areas to set up alternative energy methods to secure their communications/Internet access. And how I would help if someone wanted to look into it so it could cross-apply to their groups needs.
Sure enough, Monday a lady was in asking if I had applied for the grants yet…
She came back today - it’s the woman who home schooled her kids. Did I have more information because her husband and she had researched a ‘magnetic motor’ and they were willing to build one with grant money to make sure our tv stations stayed on the air during a power failure.
Being SO used to dumb things like this, I skipped past the “oh you’re one of the 3 people in town with a battery powered television” and asked a valid question.

  • WTF do you want a motor for? You need a battery or generator. A windmill? I don’t understand.
    Well she was shocked I didn’t know what a magnetic motor was. It runs on magnets. The magnets make it go and you hook it to a generator. They push against each other and make it turn. Then you hook it to a generator to make the electricity.
  • But what makes it keep going? Is it going to get power from solar panels or a wind turbine? Why go through a motor when you can feed right to a battery or generator without one?
    Because the MOTOR MAKES THE POWER. The magnets make the motor run, the motor turns the generator and you get electricity.

OMG and the Society invited her onto the freaking executive???

She home schooled her kids. Her old man is supposedly a small engine repairman. I just told her I’d look into it and walked away.

ONLY TO FIND the guy who works for me looking it up and telling me I shouldn’t have dismissed it so quickly as he read all about it on the Internet while I was talking to her. Who I as calmly as possible told all machines output less than they input, none make energy out of nothing.
He was confused, they made energy out of the magnets.
Anti-tank rounds made from depleted magnets… hello customer service? Those magnets you sold me have all run out

A few hours later I came back to shop and a friend (one who’s been trying to trap a Sasquatch behind the hospital for three years) told me why was I being so silly. He had a whole bunch of magnets and he’d build it no charge if I gave him the plans…

Come 3:30 the after schooler comes in and is drawn into the fray. He listens for maybe two minutes.

  • So you want to build a perpetual motion machine? A super one that doesn’t even need any energy to run. Go to it then, I have some work to do.

are you ranting again :smile: lol! Bad day ? Need a beer perhaps ?

If someone believes in Sasquatch, then it’s not much of a stretch to believe in a perpetual motion machine. Or in Santa Claus.

Thanks for a good laugh, herbie! :smile: Awesome.

plants need brawndo… its got electrolytes.