Trip to cancun

W O W    just got a phone call that I just won a trip for 2 to Cancun  All its going to cost is 500 a head.  My question is    what did I win ???

You won the chance to get scammed, that’s what.  Did you even enter anything?

I had the same call on my answering machine.  It is spam.  I deleted the message.

Nope didnt enter anything but it wanted me to hit the 1 button on the phone  I just hungup

isnt there any way you can opt out of those messages?

Sounds more like one of those things where hitting the 1 button on your phone gives them access to your phone line to make long distance calls on your bill.  At least I think I’ve heard of something like that.

Yes, that’s exactly what it is.  Don’t ever hit 1 or 9 when requested by a recorded message.  Bad news.

lol i think a more logical reason for hitting 1 on the phone would be perhaps maybe following some easy steps in preparation of your trip? perhaps just simply pay the $500 a head through credit card… then once they have the card number your card is maxed? just a though I myself and 3 other people got this phone call last week also.  my grandmother got this phone call and her answer to them was this…“she’s dead fuck off!” then hung up on them.  at the time i found it hilarious, now it’s somewhat funny,  probably a “had to be there” moment.

You’re all getting scammed. I not only won the trip to cancun, I also won a trip to Florida. :smiley: