Travelling inland this July?

Here’s a couple reasons to turn left at Hwy 27 this summer:


[quote]The Cottonwood Music Festival July 15-17th [/quote]

I’m gonna come up there just to say hi this summer.

How far off highway 16 is it?

Answered my own question:

Seriously, I’m gonna drive up there this summer when I’m on the way to Alberta or Prince George or something.

Hah, let’s see if you can beat Google’s ETA of 10 hours 19 mins. I’ve been to Fort St. James, and if here’s a tip: don’t go to Fort St. James.

Do go to Fort St James. Do go to every place in your own province at least once. Lots of people told me not to go to Rupert, it was awful. They were wrong. Lots of people here say Vancouver is awful. I know they’re absolutely retarded cuz I came from there. The only parts of the province I haven’t seen is Stewart -Cassiar -Dease Lake areas. I’m sure it’s as distinct as anyplace else in the province. You live in the best place on earth, just like the tv ad sez.

Amend Dylan’s statement to read: Do visit Fort St. James. Don’t get a job there and become ‘stuck’…

I’ve been to the Stewart-Cassiar-Dease Lake areas. They’re neat places to visit, each have their own little charm, but like Herbie said, don’t get a job there and get “stuck”.

If you end up in Ft. St. James go to the bar and check out the mounted wolf. It will make you want to stay out of the forest. A big black bastard that will make a German Shepard look like a a little lap dog and make a Pit Bull cry.

what is a wolk and how do u look it?

then look at the beaver mounted on the other wall, it’s snarling and looks like it’s ready to rip yer face off. I think of Killer Bunnies every time I see it.*
The “Zoo” pub has been what most people think of when they hear the name Fort St James, it’s a real negative handicap. But visiting it is obligatory, kinda like being ‘Hyderized’. How could one forget dancing at their old cabaret, in gumboots that stick to the puke and swill stained floor.
There is a semi-civilized bar here now at the Eagle Crest.

*usually when I’m servicing their phone or ATM. Not a beer drinker anymore…