Travelling About

So I took Hwy24 coming back from Kamloops. Cuts from Little Fort to Lone Butte. Holy **** that’s quite a hill. Glad I never took it in my little 2.0 litre 4x4 ! Forgot about climbing back onto the plateau…
On the way down there I took Hwy16 east from PG, over 200 kms of nothing… Great road, great scenery. Stopped to see what ‘the other guy on the whole road’ was looking at. It was a grizzly in a meadow about 100m away on i’ts hind legs, looking at HIM. THere was a huge bull moose about 50m behind it looking at both of them. So I broke down and bought a digital camera, but the weather sucked all the way back. All I got was a picture of a giant zucchini of all things… Try that drive, it was like a Zen interlude…

Just what are you going to do with that giant zucchini??
My favorite Fall goody is definately the spaghetti squash. Roast those babies with margarine and then sprinkle parmasan when they are cooked, mmmmmm just splendid!

(Diet A&W rocks, doesn’t taste like the typical diet beverage.)

Speaking of travelling about, today I got a green card. For my camera!

I was told to cut one end off, scoop out the seeds, stuff it with hamburger and bake it. But I don’t have a big oven, so we hacked chunks off and fried inch thick zucchini steaks in a pan with italian sausage. Then added the parmesan. MMMMM good.
I hate zucchini, my granma made us eat it “coocoosalee” or however you spell it in Italian. Blehhh!
Actually I did eat some. There’s still a 10 lb chunk left that I’ve been ‘giv
ing’ people some to try. $$ says they chuck it when they get home…

Hosh: mine takes those ZD thumbnail cards… have to get used to it though, used to shoot 35mm a lot and stop motion 8mm in school. It’s a lot different than film.

No, I meant a green card, or “document of identification of articles for temporary exportation”. From Customs. For travelling.

you need to declare the camera???
Well at least it keeps the papermills working…

It’s probably so he doesn’t get dinged with duty.

It’s usually not a problem, especially if it’s standard equipment (camera, laptop, etc). If it’s obviously your stuff, used, and obviously bought in Canada, they don’t bother you.

Nobody travels to Europe or South America to buy a camera or laptop.

I brought a couple of laptops, the Canon Digital Rebel and a bunch more equipment back, was searched at the border crossing. “You bought this stuff in Canada, right?” “yup” “ok no problem.”

It’s when you bring back something in its original packaging, when it was obviously bought abroad, that’s when they get suspicious.

I don’t suppose you told the Customs people you bought it in Ontario and are a BC resident, did you, Hoshq :wink:

Argg. I hAve to go to Vancouver again and I hate the 12 hr drive. Maybe I’ll put a baseball cap on the killer zucchini and strap it in the passenger seat for company.
"Zooo - kee!”