Transportation Safety Board set to release report into sinking of the Q of N

It’s been almost two years since the Queen of the North sank to the bottom of the waters off of Gil Island, on that night the BC Ferries vessel en route from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy ran into a rock off of the island leading to its sinking within an hour of the incident.

101 survivors were rescued on that night due mainly to the efforts of the community of Hartley Bay; tragically two other passengers were declared deceased after no sign of them turned up following the incident.

Next Wednesday, March 12 the almost two years of investigation by the Transportation Safety Board will come to an end, as the long awaited and much anticipated final report will be issued at a press conference in Vancouver…

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I was appalled when I heard that it was common for crew to be smoking up on the ferry! I’m so glad they’re going to start testing!  And geez, it’s so gross when you’re trying to sleep on that ferry run, and your cabin stinks like pot!

Well it will be interesting to hear the findings in this report.
Rupert has been full of roumours since this unfortunate tragedy.
It may bring some closure to it…

Rupert’s always full of rumors :smile:

I’m in Hartley Bay right now.  You guys have to see the “playground” that BC Ferries built here as a thank you for the community’s help with the rescue.  I’ll see if I can get a photo of it. 

I heard that the playground sucks.

Sorry 'bout the crappy phone photo, but my real camera is packed away somewhere.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

I’ve been involved in trying to purchase park equipment and from the photo, if that is the entire park, I would fathom a guess it set BC Ferries back 10 grand give or take a buck or two. oh so generous. Wonder what kind of car Hahn drives at BC Ferries expense?

Our group found a park 4 times the size and multiple times the parts and it was priced at $55 000. Parts only no ground development.

W O W  whats with all the snow    Hope you have boots lol