Transient Killer Whale (ORCA) pod In harbour

I was in for a lucky treat today when I was out in the Harbour just out side Metlakatla.   We spotted a pod of transient Killer Whales, these guys gave a good show.
They did some Tail slapping,  and breaching. One small Killer whale left the pod and came back towards the boat, I noticed when he breached he landed on a small sea bird. the bird tried to fly but was unable too, the young killer whale kept chasing the bird for about 5 min, breaching on and beside it. Finally,  It turned around when the main Pod was 1/2 mile away.

enjoy the pics.

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a few more… :smiley:
the last 3 are Humpback whale.  :smiley:

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Man those are very spectacular pictures, thanks for sharing them with us… :sunglasses:

very cool pics, astro! :sunglasses:

WOW! Thank you so much for posting those! We really are blessed to live here.

thanks for all the nice comments,  and yes we are blessed.

humpback whales bubble net feeding…

there were 5 whales in the last picture.

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Sweet pictures, dude. I’d love to catch some of that kind of action when we’re out kayaking-aside from the occasional nosy seal coming up between the 'yaks to check US out, we’ve yet to see much in the way of the larger sea-life.

Someday, someday!

How would you like someone coming to your place and taking pictures of you eating, playing with your kid and frolicking around with your significant other? And that on many occasions!  This is what you do to these intelligent beings.  You’re such a voyeur. 

As you hide in the bushes outside of his house  :wink:

I’m jealous Dave.

That was you looking over my shoulder!

Stop looking in my windows… :sunglasses:

What if these intelligent beings are truly exhibitionist? Then we are fullfilling their greatest desire by watching them.

I just like knowing that the ocean is still abundant and healthy enough to support populations of these top predators.