Transformers mysterious preview "cloverfield" new godzilla?

So has anyone gone to the transformers movie lately?? My girlfriend and i went today and there was a mysterious preview that looked really good, it was all i could think about the entire movie. Right away my thought was Godzilla 2. I mean come on, giant monster, chaotic city…What is known is that it is a monster movie and it takes place in New York from the perspective of people with personal video cameras, it sure caught my attention and interest right away. I searched the internet for over half hour after getting back home and the only thing that i could find was this movie with no details called “cloverfield” the only movie preview I could find was from a cam thats on this site, watch and comment.

another video link better quality… … &plindex=8

Cloverfield Hype Begins

The mysterious teaser trailer playing with Transformers this weekend touts Lost co-creator J.J. Abrams’ upcoming SF project, an as-yet-untitled movie code-named Cloverfield, and a viral Web promotion has also begun.

Two new viral Web sites have gone live, Ethan Haas Was Right and Ethan Haas Was Wrong, with puzzles somehow related to the movie.


found the  “official” site

The second,, is pretty interesting. It features five different puzzles, each more difficult than the last, and each with its own video message from Van. There’s more to this site than meets the eye, as disabling Javascript reveals the following message:
Not only that, but viewing the page’s HTML source reveals a comment that leads us to this hidden page with hints for solving the puzzles. Hopefully that will give you a little help, but if it doesn’t, you can skip the puzzles altogether
    * Message 1
    * Message 2
    * Message 3
    * Message 4
    * Message 5