Transformers Movie

Hey, Anybody else check out the transformers movie sneak peek last night?

i watched half last night going to watch the rest latter its a great movie will see in theater when it arrives

yes a very good show , worth seeing twice only dissapointment is the parents getting up in front of you with their kids every ten friggin minutes…

I still need to see the original Transformers movie.

I saw the movie tonight.  Great ride,  cool effects.

But I’m a little choked by the fact that they chose to include the sexual innuendos and some very coarse language.  I realize that it probably needed to be PG 13 because of the violence but the sexual references and some of the language didn’t add anything to the story. The filmmakers should have expected that parents would come with kids there.  I don’t try to shelter my kids as much as others might but I’m not into the laissez-faire attitude either. And I’m not saying that violence is ok and sex isn’t  either.  What I’m saying is that The Transformers is still on TV and it attracts a new generations of kids ( and if I may say a lot of boys) and that when the studio made the movie, they should have thought about this.
An example of what I mean:  What does a discussion about masturbation have to do with Optimus Prime and Megatron? 
Another:  Why did they need to put an overweight donut eating black person yelling “shut up” at his grandma? Oh wait, maybe they thought that because he’s a genius so it’s ok to promote false stereotypes!  Give me a break!
Anyway,  great show but the target audience being probably pre-teen boys, I wouldn’t recommend it to their parents.
How do these things relate to the story? 

Well there were two target audiences for the movie, which is the problem.

There’s people of my age that grew up with Transformers.  We’re adults, and want an adult movie.

Then there are today’s kids.  The movie is also aimed at them (despite the rating).  The toys are aimed at them as well, and you can’t tell me that the toys and movie aren’t the same thing.

No, the movie is way over the top for kids.  I have a real problem with targeting kids with advertising in the first place, but targeting them with a PG-13 movie that they shouldn’t be watching is pretty crappy.

Let’s say I lost some respect for Steven Spielberg as he is one of the executive producers.

You’re right about the second target audience.  I was telling a friend the same thing. 

you mean guys you never had the masterbation talk with your mom and dad!!!

lol the movie was great and kids would not get the stuff you are talking about…

One shall stand, and one shall fall!

Despite all this i still enjoyed the movie enough to go see it twice and want to buy it the day it comes out

who gives a bleep about ratings.

i just wanted to see transformers

Some of us do.  Actually, I couldn’t care less about the ratings.  It’s more the way that, as MiG said, the movie targets kids.  Dreamworks should have known better.  If masturbation is the subject of a parent child discussion, it sure doesn’t need to be triggered in a movie based on a cartoon aimed at the under 10 audience.

i wanna see this movie i guess ill have to wait now sigh i heard it was good…

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