Traffic fine money

Cast your vote on how to spend all those hard earned speeding and rolling stop dollars

Oh man, I had my first run in with Rupert RCMP last week.  I got pulled over for a random sobriety check.  Wow, they’re hard core here!  That’s all I gotta say.

Yes, but I have my “N” license still, so I’m not allowed ANY drinks, and I had had one drink that night…  Luckily I blew zero.

When I lived in Rupert the cops were a bunch of hypocritical assholes. Good to see that hasn’t changed…

There was list of traffic fines by community somewhere…  Good to compare Rupert to other similar cities.

We made 264,000, but it’s not such a big windfall when you consider we pay 100,000 per cop.  How many full-time traffic cops does Rupert have these days?

I could be wrong, but I believe we have 4 and the city pays for two of them.

How about free swimming passes for all the city workers in town!

Lets not talk CRAP again, most of the workers never even knew of this brain wave idea, but please no more please.

Pay no attention to billy. He’s just a bot. He doesn’t know any better.

Did someone holler fer Billy? I know nothing bout tickets, don’t drive in this here county get maself sent home don’t want that now do we. I kinda like the goin ons here drug busts, crazy politicans just find lot of wierd or queer folk. I reckon I like it here fur now.