Trading Up

I heard about this guy on CBC radio today. He hopes to end up with a house by starting to trade a red paper clip up to something bigger. Cool concept.

Developers developers developers developers.

with dripping armpits.

[quote]ill trade you my traxxas 1/10 scale electric remote control car. it has a 12 turn team orion havok motor in it, it also has a duratrax streak ESC in it. W/ proline snake eye tires.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.[/quote]

He is up to a cube ( delivery) van. He will get his house for sure.

IT’s a done deal.  He trade up from a red paper clip. 
Sorry for not providing direct links but I’m on an different keyboard and don’t have much time.: … index.html

I was thinking of trading up my ex-wife’s phone number and seeing if I could end up with a red paper clip…

a bit pricey  no?

I’ll BUY you the dam clip if you never EVER offer that number to the public :smile: