Hey folks.

I’m gonna be out in Rupert next weekend, around the 23rd. I wondered what I need to see. I don’t really have much faith in human constructions unless they’re art based though. I wanna see stuff that makes Rupert and area great. Stuff I couldn’t see anywhere else.

Remember that the last time I was in Rupert I was about 13 so I’d need directions and info.

Thanks in advance. You folks rock.


man who fell from the sky
ligeex painting out on the highway
butze rapids
mt. hays lookout

thanks mucho but…

man who fell from the sky–Need a boat or see the copy in the museum ( at the end of McBride street)
ligeex painting out on the highway-- Not far from the big power lines that cross the Skeena. Easier to see on your way out. Near Tyee viewpoint where the highway meets the river. Keep looking at rock faces on your left ( going towards Terrace)
butze rapids—Just before getting into town, viewpoint/parking. Nice walk/hike down to a belvedere over the rapids.
mt. hays lookout- Hard to find but Molten might help you. ( I thought people wanted to keep this more of a secret.)

Other things:
Cowpuccino-- cool coffee house in Cow Bay area.
Check if the Performing Arts Center has something that weekend.
Ridley Island and the beach near the dirt road.

and the must see beer labels and bar spittoons museum at the Empress on third avenue east.

Awesome. Great stuff. :smile:

Looks like I might have to come THIS weekend. If anyone has other ideas I’ll be checking my email from Rupert as I go. :smile:

Thank you Thumb.

more please…


There is another up in Hell’s Gate around the Terrace area. From the looks of my photo, it has around 9 copper shields. Anyone else seen it?
Another of Legaic’s paintings.

Also there is a great tour at the Museum.

Awesome. I wanted to go to the Terrace museum but it seems to be closed until may. :frowning:

So, who is Legaic? Tell me more… :smile:

I wound up not coming this weekend. I’ll be popping over near the end of April. :smile: More time to figure out what I want to do.


thats actually the one up the Nass, but, yeah.

Spent about three hours the other night researching Legeac and the legacy of Fort Simpson. Crazy stuff. That must have been quite the time to live in this region.

I’ll be down in a couple of weeks. My contract in PG got delayed so I’m there next weekend.


Really? Fort Simpson? I’ve been there, in the Northwest Territories, and it’s quite a remote, desolate place.

Well, considering it’s posted in the “Prince Rupert” forum, which do you think is more likely?

That he is talking about the Fort Simpson near Prince Rupert, or the Fort Simpson in the NWT?

The hint is that he uses the phrase “the legacy of Fort Simson” and that he refers to Legeac, and that he had been talking, on a “Prince Rupert” forum, about visiting Rupert.


I’m glad I’m not the htmf pin cushion anymore…

Oh. I thought the local place was called Port Simpson. Is there a fort here as well?

The Atlas of Canada says there’s only one place called Fort Simpson: … on&x=9&y=8

Yes, Hoshq, we realize you don’t know what he’s talking about already.

No need to confirm it.

Here’s a hint, though: when you don’t know what somebody’s talking about, it’s best to just ignore the thread, rather than post and have your ignorance confirmed.

Fort Simpson was built by the HBC in the 1830s. Guess what it’s known as today? … intre.html

Scroll down a bit.

That was an interesting page. I hadn’t read that one before. A very basic simplification of the situation and almost accurate. :wink:



Fort Simpson was built by the HBC in the 1830s. Guess what it’s known as today? … intre.html

To the people that live there it is “Lax Kwalaams”.
I always thought that Simpson was just a bastardization of “Tsimpshian” but it was actually named after a Captain of the Huson Bay Company.[/quote]


who’s to say there arent a few bastardized tsimpsians from the good captain? :wink: