Totem Lanes Bowling

What is up with Totem Lanes?  Did they shut down?
It would be nice to see the Totem Lanes relocate in the down town area.  What about the old DQ building?  Seems like a nice location.  :smile:

bowling has gone the way of the wii everywhere . and bowling alley downtown yea dont think so lol

I believe that the fella who owns Totem also owns and manages the lanes in Terrace so he shuts down ours for the summer and reopens when the league play starts.  It would be nice though if they would revamp the whole concept and revitalize it.  There is great potential if they put some effort into it.  There is so little to do here as it is unless you are into sports etc. They could give some kind of incentives for people to go bowling again as I heard even the leagues are without enough bowlers. Sad 'cuz it can be fun and there is a nice bar out there. Great potential for someone with some ideas.

its normally open in the summer people that run it live in town. theres been talk of shutting it down for years. i like bowling but its sad they havent put money into it. i probably put on the same shoes my dad wore when he was my age , and my kids wearing the same ones i wore .those shoes are old lol if they down size it get rid of a few lanes and make the other half a bigger bar or restaurant it would be better

Hey decker…I guess I stand corrected but I thought that the fella that owned it was Dave or Doug ?? from Terrace but then I haven’t been there in a couple of years.  Everytime I drive by though, it looks deserted.  Still, it’s too bad, I will repeat myself and say it has a great deal of potential…

yea doug runs it lives in town works at golf course too . but owner could be from terrace . hate to see it close

Doug owns the one in Terrace , he did own this one in Rupert but sold it years ago.he was running it for the new owners but doesn’t want to run it anymore. that what he told me a couple of months ago when I was talking to him a the pool in Terrace

Last year I remember a job posting for the Terrace bowling and no bites came about that.  :neutral_face:

Yea, Doug still owns terrace, but now Dave and JoAnne are in terrace running that one cause they didn’t want this one to run anymore…to much Hassel. i was actually gonna start it back up. but not to sure. Have a Different “Menu and drink” specials and make it “funner” and better advertised with “New things”

Ok people… expert here.  lol

Doug and Margaret own the alley in Terrace, and sold the Totem Lanes building to a man in Vancouver a couple years ago.  Dave and JoAnne were running the lanes here, but are moving to Terrace to be closer to family… they are not and will not be running the Terrace Lanes. The family actually kept the Rupert lease one year more than they were originally going to, hoping that someone else would come forward and want to lease the lanes, and not leave Rupert without a place to bowl.

Now, since July 1 the lanes have been closed, and will remain closed until someone new wants to take over the lease. 

which i had the extra money and time to run it.could make that place pretty cool with some money

I’ve wanted someone to let me run it for years.  Unfortunately now I have no time… and definitely no money :frowning:

Here’s an idea, the city can pull together and get a dam WaterSlide here, and a new pool… something for families to do. if Kitimat to do it so can we. I am sure with the port, and the help from the other groups in town it could be pulled off, put that metre thing back up at city hall to see if the people here can raise money to do it, what ever the people here in town raise the city should match it…there is even grants for stuff like this, I am sure people in this town would love to see something more for families to do other then walking the streets with there dogs …
or would this stunt the cities growth. I am sure alot more people would make the trip here for the day.make it a big waterslide to not something small, when Pond was in sitting on that lily pad he was all talk about a new gym for basketball. ripe it all down, go BIG, just a thought, more family time less trouble in town.

Don’t let the last few weeks weather go to your head.  We are not a sunshine destination.  A fun idea yes,  and I would love it if we had the weather,  but hold that thought for a month and see if you think it is such a good idea

I hear that rich Italian that owns the ‘Tribu’ had gone half and half with Jim Paterson
and bought up that whole block! Going to be high end womens fashions and a gourmet ‘Spend more On Foods’. Also five story Italian consulate and a Lexus dealership.
As well, the rich Italian had permanently leased that parking spot in the
middle of the harbor.  :smiley: