Toshiba Laptop NOISES

Any help here?  I have  a Toshiba Laptop, and when I boot up it says, “IDE #0 ERROR”.  Insert system disk?

When I boot into the bios, it doesnt detect the hd?  Is it damaged?  My hard drive, lots of clicking noises also.

Click of death.

Hard drive gone bad – did you drop it?

Is it under warranty?

Click Of Death OR NO CLICK :smile:

Is the “Click of Death” that cut and dry?  If clicking occurs while your running it, does that mean that death is iminant?

My girlfriend’s Lappy3000 has a wicked solid Hard Drive Click.  It runs mediocre speed for a 2001 Laptop, but it gets a TON of downloadable program errors, as in “FILE IS CORRUPT, RE DOWNLOAD IT”.

No matter how many times you download the file, it is ALWAYS corrupt (but not on anybody elses computor).

That’s what it means.  Bad sectors, bad drive.  Just a matter of time before everything dies on it.

Mine just shuts down BANG. I know 2 others that suddenly shut down as well, all stated happenning about a year old.
I’m pretty sure it is overheating, and today I realized than on all 3 it only happens when they’re plugged in…

Dont know.  I so sad now…  the error messages are:

IDE #0 Error
Insert system disk in drive

PXE-E61 Media test failure check cable

PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel boot agent

Shouldhave backed it up asap OR atleast kept a back up :smile:

so its f’d I would think eh? :confused: