Where are some good places to get torrent files? Like movies?

well someone deleted that post… but seriously or … e=Torrents

Ares hasn’t been working for a few days, so I’ma try BitTorrent…

What’s the deal with it? A friend of mine got busted in Residence at the U of A for something he was sharing on BitTorrent. I think it was McAffee or Norton (he was sharing it by accident). So the U of A busted down on his ass but gave him a second chance at university because he’s in Science and not Engineering…

So is there any shit like that to look out for?

We got a threat from the software association a few days ago. The university probably did too, they’re threatening the ISPs because users have file sharing software.
The university may also have a policy regarding running servers of any kind just to minimize bandwidth. Or they may be on Telus lines, and it appears that they intend to suck up to the Yankee running dogs of Wall Street Intimidators.

Nope, it’s not Telus ran nor is it because of bandwidth (they make money off of any excess DLs/ULs that we make. Something to do with Piracy.

suprnova =/
the pirate bay
demonoid (when its up) hasn’t been mentioned… Y’all should sign up and contribute some torrents… If you leach here you WILL be banned.

thx :smiley:
HTMF is so helpful All questions get answered!

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Its called stalking… find a bush hide in it until you see them jump and mug them then call them to return their wallet. It’s a foolproof scam

That’s why Svend got probation and community hours. The judge wanted to punish him, not reward him…

Telus has been cracking down on people using bit torrents, however… i have never heard of anyone getting busted for using kazaa lite (any versions)

And it is not illegal to download in canada, only to upload (which i do anyways, fuck authority).

suprnova has always been the best.

and i suggest that you SEED (share), dont be fucking jewish with it, people share so that YOU may download, so SHARE so others can as well.

Otherwise everyone will stop sharing public and you will be screwed.

Or it will go back to the ratio system (damn ftp was bad for that)

p.s. this thread should be deleted… we can get in serious shit talking about this in a forum.
that is why god invented IRC :smiley: