Torrent ethics

I was wondering about using bit torrent without being a leech. I can dowload a movie and watch it but I have to delete it soon after because my HD is getting quite loaded. So I cannot be a source for too long.
Now the last movie I downloaded, I kept the source open for one full night without downloading anything. Is this considered enough as far as sharing goes?

Just be a bitch like me… delete the torrent soon after you’re finished with it. Sometimes if it’s a rare file, I’ll keep the torrent open though… but if it’s something that lots of other people have, then I’ll close it soon after it’s done downloading. I don’t want to upload very much any more… it’s lost it’s lustre.

I sort of use a rule of thumb is that I’ll upload twice what the file size is.

If a file is 100 megs, I’ll upload 200 megs. Sometimes its more. This computer is idle for the better part of the day and night so leaving the torrent open is no big deal really.

The one exception was the one file that was just over a gig and I only seeded around 500megs upload wise before I deleted it.

it really depends on how on the ball i am, but i am set at uploading 150% of what i download, because there are always jerks like smartass out there.

i used the abc torrent client where you could reseed or whatever really easily in the morning when i turned my computer on, and set it to upload a certain percentage of what you got, and control the speeds too.