Torpedo shaped thing under the helicopter?

First saw it on a pickup in town and now it is flying around tethered beneath a helicopter over the harbor.
I was talking to some search and rescue guys when I saw it first and they had no idea. What the heck is that thing for?

Geophysical survey bird.

Was down at the Seaplane base last week and snapped a picture of it taking off. Was wondering also what that thing was.

Thanks toofattofly!!!

Sounds like the same that I came across last Sunday (January 26) at 14:16. Not the best shot, but it flew to the left of Mt. Morris there and then headed north.

The LNG group that is interested in the grassy point site told us at the last regional district meeting that a helicopter would be flying over to do a type of radar mapping of the ground to help determine the site’s viability for the development of an lng terminal. They described the equipment as looking torpedo-ish so I’m guessing that is what it is.