If your intention is just to come on here and insult and mock people who disagree with you, then you’d best just keep that stuff in your paper instead.

Not my intention to insult or mock anyone. I just insult or mock Back! I guess it’s alright for some, but not others.

I would like to quit this site, but I am not smart enough to do so. Please get me out of here. May IQ is above 100 and I don’t like being alone.

Bob Colebrook

I think you will be removed from the forum as you requested. I will lock this topic too because it might create another flame war.

If you are still reading, Mr. Colebrook, the attitude you showed here is very immature. Sure some younger member of the forum trashed your publication but your reaction wasn’t from someone seeking advice or feedback which is what you should expect if you come to this site for free advertisement.

As for your comment about debate or fight, it shows immaturity as this could have been a good discussion about newspapers ( design, content, weekly vs daily, etc…). Instead, we got treated with a flame war. So sad!