Too much WoW


[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

That’s sooooo Hicks speek.

Considering trying to beg/borrow 2000g to pickup Blinkstrike at the AH.

That screen shot makes it look like a big purple penis.  :astonished:

Too much WoW? there is no such thing!

Also; Who needs Blinkstrike, when you can go get a drum roll please
King’s Defender! (  <-- No skills.

Although… My wrists disagree with me, and there may be a limit to the WoWness.

This post brought to you by Sir Ryan: The man who only posts when WoW is involved.

Who’s got a linky to the WoW prostitute? Haha, that was a funny read … stitution/

5000 gold in game, right now, is roughly equivalent to $550 USD.

MiG, do me a favour, and stop using a speed 1.4 weapon in your mainhand with a deep sub. build before I start to cut myself.

I still never got Blinkstrike :frowning:

Still holding on to one level 60 epic, too.

Dude, why do I keep getting contradictory advice on this?

Some people tell me I want a really fast dagger in my main hand, others say the opposite.

I really wish I had more time to play, I just hit 64 yesterday, after about a month on 63.

I feel like a really old SOB when I read this thread.
When I was a teen hanging out in pool halls we had a great video game…it had a nice gray screen with a little black racing car going around a track that would sometimes hit an oil slick ( that was exciting).
I totally suck at gaming today. :smiley:

You should play WoW then. Anyone can play that.

Okay.  I’ll give that a try. :smiley:

As a rogue, all of your abilities are “instant” attacks, rather than “on next attack” attacks.

Therefore, speed is not a factor for sinister strike, backstab, eviscerate, whatever. So you always want your a slow, heavy-hitting weapon in your mainhand. There is basically no situation or talent build that would ever go against this for a rogue.

Which is why, way back in the day, PVP rogues used the  Barman Shanker, even though there were higher DPS daggers available - the slow speed (most daggers are 1.8 or less) gives it a high single-attack damage range, so it was great for landing a huge ambush crit on caster.

That what was, of course, back in the day before all this huge +stamina gear, when a rogue could actually hurt someone by getting the drop on them :wink:

Do you PVP a lot? If not, I definitely would recommend that you re-spec to combat for levelling.

Also, don’t get too entrenched in the idea that rogues have to use daggers. I would much rather be a sword rogue.

A guildmate summed it up nicely for me: “As a dagger rogue, you can kick ass when you’re standing behind the target and it’s not targetting you. As a sword rogue, you can kick ass all the time.”

I haven’t really played at all in the last few months. My rogue is 70, and I don’t have the time to commit to raiding, or to going after PVP rewards. I have a 55 warrior, and a few other lowbie alts, but most of the other locals I play with have been retiring.

And if the Internet access in Rupert ever gets better, I’d like to start playing DOD:S more.

And Frets on Fire, of course.

Sheesh I’m a dork.

Well, I love the subtlety stuff, especially for PVP.  I tried the combat spec, but it’s not for me.  I specifically wanted a rogue to sneak around with… 

As for fast daggers – the only advantage I see is that a lot of my damage (especially during PVE combat) is caused by poisons.  These are all chance-on-hit, so the more hits the better chance of stacking them, right?  Or am I wrong in making that assumption? 

When I tried slower weapons, the poisons didn’t seem as effective, especially deadly poison.

I’ve tried the swords too, but the way I play involves a lot of shadowstep and ambush, so I need daggers.

I want the rogue to be a sneaky bastard, not just a combat guy who can stealth.