Too much Opie, not enough Opus!

The Da Vinci Code ( reviews are starting to flood in and it would seem that the Vatican was getting all worried over nothing.

Just a few of the reviews that make you think that the remainder bin at your local Zellers or Wal Mart may be well stocked shortly… … 85617.html … e=&no_ads= … movie-link … S/60419009

I think the reviewers decided to pan the thing the second they saw Hanks’ hairdo.

“not enough Opus!”?  Is Bill the Cat in the movie??

I hated the movie. They totally changed the ending from the books storyline, and what happened to Tom Hanks’s Head? He went from Forest Gump to badly Acting Balding Middle Aged Crisis entering man who almost made the entire movie like a cat falling down a chalk board on her nails.