To help get you into the holiday mood

One of the Christmas songs our family enjoys this time of the year.


Ya…way to raise the chaperoos into serial killers or animal abusers…

LMAO…great stuff, Saffron! :smiley:

Riiiiiiiight…and that guy in Edmonton killed people because of Dexter so we have to end all TV programs.  Don’t forget any and all computer games, console games, movies, people speaking in public - because all of those things could contribute to someone’s child turning into a killer/abuser.  :unamused:

This might just replace Porky Pigs, White Christmas at my house

Better yet, there were no killers/abusers before TV and video games, apparently. 

Hahahahaha!  Definitely better yet!

LMAO…now I’m into the eating spirit.