To all you down south

I’m so jealous!!!  Send some of that snow up here!!!  How is it that I move 1000 miles NORTH and I’m having less of a winter here than I did on Vancouver Island? :unamused:


Yeah, we are sooooooooooo looking at a white Christmas, it’s puking snow as I type this and with more cold weather in the forecast, all signs point to a very holly-jolly festive season!

I would estimate we’ve had at least a foot of snow over the past six days or so, enough to create a few headaches for motorists and I know the Malahat was shut down tonight for a while at least…but after living in the Rockies for the past few years, my family is more amused and bemused by the people freaking out over the white stuff than anything else. I’m still wearing my Gore-tex rainjacket with an extra sweater and I don’t even own winter boots anymore so my rubber boots with an extra-thick pair of wooly socks are making do but most everyone else I know had to raid the deepest, darkest corners of their closets to pull out the winter gear!!  :imp:

I’d love to send some up there but right now it’s blowing to the NE. Sorry!!!

To all you down south: Suck it. This is pay back for gloating about your summer weather.


Yes.  Keep the damn snow.  I’ll take clear skies and cold or unshovellable rain ANY DAY.

Oh and didn’t you do your research before you moved?  We don’t usually get much snow here.  We might get one or 2 dumps of it but the snow is usually gone within a day or 2.

We’re actually used to lots of snow for the holidays-we average 20ft+ of snow annually where we used to live. I’m a little regretful that we sold our snowshoes before we moved back to the coast but other than that, it’s all good. As for people around here, the one concern is driving, otherwise most folks I know are enjoying the thought of a white Christmas.

Oh and yes, summers down here on the island are FANTASTIC! I didn’t need to wear rain gear from March until sometime in mid-October.

Suck on that!  :imp:

Weather fight!

At least I can throw snowballs…


ZING :smiley:  LMAO

Yes, but you can usually say the same thing of Vancouver Island.  And last year my husband was up here in the winter and there was a lot of snow last year.