Tire Slashing

Has this happen to anyone else lately in PR? My buddy was going to head to work this morning, to find out his two rear tires have been slashed!

Very unfortunate for him. This happened at 800-900 Block of 7th east.

Any others in the neighborhood slashed?

Actually yes! Neighbors told my bud that it has happen last year a few times on the same block.

Well that prick struck again! My bud just got his new tires on Thursday. Damn punk…who ever it is did it again this morning sometime. I gotta talk him into getting a security cam. :frowning:

Cheapest option is a high res webcam, a motion sensor light and some motion detection software running on his PC. Seems like its isolated to your friend though, did he piss anyone off?

edit: thats actually not entirely a factual statement. You can get a wireless outdoor “security camera” (aka webcam) for fairly cheap but the resolution is shit 300x240px vs a high def webcam for around the same price and you don’t have to deal with running power to the camera. PM me if you need help.

No he hasn’t. Him and his family just moved in there 2 months ago from Terrace. Neighbor across the street said it’s been going on for the past 3 years in that area. Thanks for the opinion on the webcam and motion censor stuff. I will mention that to him.

no problem. I havent used any windows motion detection software in years but you should be able to find something for free that works well. I suggest amazon.ca for the camera local prices are insane.


16MP webcam for 8 bucks should do the trick. If you need more length on the usb cable the dollar store sells extension usb cables.

amazon.ca/Everydaysource-Pix … 89&sr=1-11

Disclaimer: I’ve never used this camera before so I dont know if its a piece of shit… but for 8 bucks how can you go wrong?