Times are a changing

Two-by-Fours must be sold only to those possessing permits!

I’ll just say, Innocent until Proven Guilty, and that to blame someone for something that you do not know if they did or not is called a ‘scapegoat’.

You’re right, BM.

I’m sorry, O.J.

Please show picture!!!

now i’m curious as to who this is with itbecause that pic only made it into select hands…now, as i’m sure it’s about to surface, let me say this…it was all fun and good until the truck full of crazy hillbillys pulled up, and no, i didn’t end up getting a lift

Yeah it’s the hitchhiking pic… but I ddin’t see any thumbs sticking out - just um… something else. hahaha

I stumbled upon a webpage with the pic on it months ago.  Don’t worry, I won’t show it unless you want me to.

Come on, Rollins, quit teasing BigThumb. Show him your dick.


where did you get that?  it was a joke, and i didn’t know somebody put it on the net…the only person i can think of that had it…was spraxx…damn you for selling me out spraxx…oh well, i’ve got nothing to be ashamed of…if anything, the pic is flattering

No lift? I bet you got a little something for your efforts though, eh?

Hahahahahaha!  Touché.

It’s only in the interest of science!

hey, you have to get rewarded for an effort like that…regardless of what the reward is

Amen to that!

yes times are changing people just dont care like they use too look at the youth hanging around cibc till the wee hours in the morning whats so popular about being out at 4 am in the morning or causing a fight the guy was going to work the drunk crowd tried to verbally abuse so he stood up for him self like won of my friends she got her two front teeth knocked all beacuse four drunk guys tried to take advantage of this drunk girl the police wont do anything beacuse the guys in question got together and told the police she started which a bunch of #$%* so what is it should we just lie down and take it where the sundont shine or should we help our town beacuse if we dont when we start to grow its only going to get worse and we should stop thinking small town.