Times are a changing

on top of the robbers attacking a ploce officer this past weekend, Sum more peace of dung jumped a man downtown blindsided him with a 2*4 then proceeded to assault him and if it wasnt for a few other true canadians stepping in to stop the assault only to have a nife pulled on em. what the duece i say throw the book and charge em with everything is all we can do without capital punishment.

what the hell is going on up there?  first some psycho goes after a cop and then somebody get’s beat with a 2 by 4…somebody has got to say enough…stand up for that place, if people think they can get away with it, they will.  I remember one morning when I lived at K&C comming out to go to work at about 4am, and there were a group of people standing drinking in the street, starring at me.  so i said ‘hey, take a picture it will last longer’ and walked off.  then one of them threw a bottle at me, missed my head by about 4 inches.  then he came running up to me yeeling 'i’m that nigga poverty bitch" (and no he wasn’t black) so instead of running or ducking, i held back til he got close enough, then hit him with everything I had.  I thought initially I had killed him.  then this girl came running up yelling ‘that’s my cousin, that’s my cousin’ now at this point, i was in full defence mode,  so i explained to her very directly not to get any closer.  I picked buddie up off the ground, got nose to nose with him, and told him i better not see him out there again…and guess what, i didn’t.  if you let people assault you and abuse you they will, that was the last problem i ever had with that crew…and that ‘nigga poverty’

Geezs, George Bush would like you both on his side, one who can not spell and maybe read and the other who uses the physical thing to try addressing people who know not of being peaceful. ( why do we kill people who kill people to show people that killing people is wrong?)

So basically what you’re trying to say, rollins, is that vigilanteism is the answer?

Interestingly enough, wasn’t it Rollin’s who was leading the charge regarding the RCMP shooting in Houston? So it’s ok, for you to almost kill someone when your life is threatened, but if the RCMP guy does the same he’s a criminal? Since none of us were on the street with you we’ll have to take your word on the situation you faced. Yet with the Houston shooting it was all cut and dried, even though none of us were in the station at the time.

Funny how life is full of irony.

Not that Rollins did not have the right to defend himself, I suspect if some drunken lunatic was to charge me I would do much the same. Though obviously the rest of the crew were to drunk to do any damage, as nobody seemingly came to the drunken fools aid. Four or five against one, might have resulted in a very different scenario there. I hope you phoned the police and alerted them to the troubles in the downtown area that morning, K & C isn’t that near City Hall, one would think that it might warrant a patrol or two.

As for the other situation, did anyone call the police? I think using a two by four and pulling a knife might be somewhere in the criminal code. 

Oh and the shooting at the store was but one solitary strung out robber, who may not have even been robbing the store, my reading of the paper the other day suggested she was running away from “someone trying to kill her” so obviously she had some issues to deal with.

As for the vigilante thing, well lets just hire back some of the cops that Herb let drift away and actually get back to some serious policing in the downtown core. Â

When you get to the posse mentality eventually some innocent shmuck gets hurt who wasn’t doing anything but going about his or her regular business. Better to train the police and then give them the laws and sentences to make a difference.

However, it is nice to know that some other folks stepped in and tried to help out don’t see much of that anymore. I hope that the 2 x 4 wielding thug or thugs were arrested and will find that the Crown’s accomodations are to their liking.

Well enough of my pontificating…

no there is a clear difference between being a vigilante and defence. Â Now, if i went tearing out there looking for a fight, that would constitue being a vigilante. Â In fact, what i was doing, was heading to work. Â It was 4:30 in the morning, i had little sleep because as those of you who live near downtown know, it can be quite loud with whistling and bottle breaking some nights. Â I dont’ condone violence, but I think people should stand up for them selves. Â All i read about Rupert is people being attacked. Â As for the backhanded comment about Bush, you really don’t understand shit bro. Â I am by no means a conservative, or a Bush supporter. Â I was just making a point. Â Rupert is one of the funnest places ever to live…but it is also one of the more dangerous ones at times, and it’s the people who live there that determine it. Â I’m in a town, almost the same size, and the biggest news around here is accidents on the highway, not people being beat with 2 by 4’s or police being attacked by psychos at the corner store. Â

yea right u stupid bush support er with the white house in your avatar bush is a jerk you suck DIE FOR YOUR GOVERNMENT why dont you go to iraq instead of beating up people for no reason you prick

look a littel closer at that pic…that’s right, nottice anything? 

The Houston shooting was far from “cut and dried.” It’s one cop’s word vs one dead guy. It’s funny how people assume truth every time a cop opens his mouth; they’re people too, they screw up, and, every once in a while, I’m sure they lie. And Rollins’ situation is far different in that he didn’t kill the guy; he just KO’d a drunk, which anyone is capable of.

My response to that line cut and dried, was the way that everyone seemed to be handling that debate when it first came out. The inference was that the cop was wrong, even though none of us were in the room at the time of that incident.

Which is the point I was trying to make, nobody knows what can happen when someone’s life feels threatened. Rollins himself said in his blurb  " I thought initially I had killed him."

And, shit, who can blame Rollins? If I had guns like that, I would think I almost killed everyone I hit too!

Please no pictures!

Hire more firefighters or hire more cops?  The eternal city hall dilemma.  Which reminds me that “Rescue Me” with Dennis Leary is on tonight!

you bastard…hahaha…although i’m laughing…it’s just i wear thick sweaters

somebody has got to say enough…stand up for that place, if people think they can get away with it, they will.[/quote]

Seems a pretty fine line to tread.

Aw I have the perfect one with rollins guns and all his glory… with our wonderful highway in the background :smiley:  The internet is a wonderful place.

poolboy you’re missing the point so lets walk you through it slowly:

  1. Rollins is the one who was so sure that the police officer in the Houston incident is lieing. Over and over he referred to the officer as a murder. In his mind there is no wiggle room. The issue is “cut and dried” that there is no way he could have been defending himself. This is what Podunkian was refering to.

  2. Rollins is now posting a story about how he was defending himself and thought he might have killed the guy. The irony comes in that, with nothing more than a small twist of fate that morning, Rollins himself could have been charged with a death. He would have been the one telling the story of self defence with only his word to back him up. Had he been charged in that incident, even with a simple assault, I’m sure he’d be cursing the RCMP for their throughness and for investigating him.

So it’s ok for Rollins to hurt someone, but not ok for the RCMP.


word life rollins i know we’re you’re at, im hip hop too

now i take into consideration what you say comes from the law side of things.  now, me punching somebody who is running at me, and doing it in public, is very very different then a cop, shooting and killing a guy, with a lame ass excuse that he can’t prove.  I didn’t kill anybody.  If i took a bottle and beat him to death, then yes, i should get tried for murder, as should that cop.  Now, read my other posts and you’ll see i’m not a cop hater, because i agree with the officer in rupert for shooting that crack head, that is self defence.  i think Mike, we can let it go about the houston shooting, enough points were made, and if all you can read out of me on that is that i’m a cop hater, then you my friend, are not very perceptive

is that the hitch hiking pic?

Okay, I’ll crawl you through this, Mike. It’s apples and oranges:

Punching someone and not killing them is far from a “small twist of fate.” Chances of someone dying from a single punch are extremely low, unless Rollins’ is Bruce Lee; if that is the case, then I concede the point.

And the cop did not “hurt” someone, he killed him. KILLED HIM. Shot him in the head when, surely, a shot anywhere else would have very likely caused Bush to release his grip. (you’re an expert, right, Mike? Being shot is a shock and hurts like fuck, doesn’t it?)