Time Machine ROCKS!

I love how time machine will now backup over wireless, Plugging a hard drive into your airport extreme and using it to store your backups on a external USB hdd is just perfect. No more wires :stuck_out_tongue:

However first Backup will take a few hours, but worth it :stuck_out_tongue:

using this software, ( FREE)


This wireless base,

store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/W … =MB053LL/A

And any usb external hard drive. I personally use a Lacie 250 Lego Brick.

AND, if it doesnt work on the first backup attempt or your using a previouse drive with timemachine and installing this, then go here,

discussions.apple.com/thread.jsp … 9&tstart=0

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Interesting.  I’m very close to saving up my pennies for a new macbook.  Time machine looks like a good back-up solution. :sunglasses:

It did take about 5 huors to do a 60gb backup, when i woke up this morning it was done to test it and its all working now, very fast, and now that the main backup is done its all small ones from here on in.

I can get you a open box one from work if you wish. pm me if you want.


Thanks for the offer. :smile:
I may take you up on that after I buy my macbook this spring.

Looks nifty for a home backup solution. It’s no TSM but then again you wouldn’t want it to be since the average home user would look at it and cry tears of blood.