Tiger Screen

So who is running tiger ? any one got some screen shot’s ? What they think of this beta ?

I have it, but haven’t installed it. Maybe I’ll try it on the powerbook. I ran the Panther beta on my iBook for 4 months, it was decent, but not really stable enough for real work.

i was thinking about trying it on my ibook but i found out this dam thing only has cd-rom SHIT.!! so im out of luck.

You can install from the image – just use an external drive (or another computer in target mode).

well i have a 6.o gig external fw drive : O ) do i expand the dmg to it or just leave it as a dmg file on there ? i think this little ibook will handle it 30gig 640mb ram and g3 600

Im purchasing a 1gig Quick-sliver for a cheap desktop for now till i can get a g5… the quick silver will be turned into a server later on… if it doesn’t get panther server on it first : O)

Got a computer with a DVD drive?

Put the DVD in there, and boot your iBook holding the “T” key. The iBook is now a firewire drive. Install the OS from the computer with the dvd drive onto the iBook.

i don’t have another mac right now… but i could use the gf’s powerbook i guess.

Is Tiger going to be a 64 bit OS? Will is still work on a G4 even though it’s a 32 bit CPU? Thanks for the info.

It will work in the same way that the 68k to PPC transition did – developers can create “FAT binaries” that will be optimized for the 64-bit G5, but will still work on the normal 32-bit PowerPC.


BTW – this is being posted with the new Safari.

id like to try the new safari : O ) HINT!!