Dudes, the Thunderbirds movie looks cool. Hope it lives up to the memories of the tv series. I hope the actors are plastic.

i will go see that movie if the actors mimic marionettes and play the joke out to the VERY END OF THE MOVIE.

Thunderbird 2 was always my favourite.

If they turn ThunderBirds into one of those, Its up to the kid to save the day

things, im gonna snap.

Parker was the best along with T.B 2

Oh God, what’s next? Space 1999 as a movie?

** Space 1999 **
Rather than the moon being blasted away from Earth’s orbit as in the TV Series, the Moon Forces are stranded due to budget cuts. Deborah Harry plays the role played by Barbara Bains and facelifted Martin Landau keep up the fell of the origanal talking heads sc-fi series as a series of disasters like moonquakes and alien invaders are dealt with by patching the base with rolls of Reynold’s Wrap and boring diplomacy. Much of the film is shot in a room with cracking plaster, K mart lamps and mattresses and magazines on the floor. Keeping in the 60’s style, even though air is a precious commodity, everyone smokes. 120 mins PG13