Thoughtless SOBs - more broken windows downtown

Some thoughtless person(s) broke the door and one window at Good Time Games last night. The owners of Good Times are decent people providing a valuable service to our community. They offer entertainment to a wide range of people which is especially important given our rainy weather and the depressed state of our economy. They also have employees which means they are supporting the community in another valuable way. There are cameras facing the door and window so I’m sure there is a clear photo of the culprit. Small business owners in this town need a break - they can’t afford the insurance deductables and increased insurance premiums from the broken windows and other acts of theft and vandalism. Hopefully some of you with some Christmas money in your pockets will make your game purchases at Good Times rather than online or at bigger chain stores (including Zellers which is leaving our town). These stores won’t survive if we don’t make our purchases there and Good Times is not merely a retailer but an entertainment venue that is greatly appreciated by so many people. Lets make it worth their while to stay open.

They are one of the few businesses in town that really support the youth of this town. The events they run… the time they put in… it’s really crazy what they put into it. They are a home-spun business, owned and operated by locals who grew up in this town. THEY are the kind of business that the people should be supporting with thier business.

I went in there for the first time this season, and my family spent quite a bit of money. What an awesome place!

They’re like a 2011 ToyCraft!

Remember ToyCraft? As a kid it was a place of wonderment. The owner says he wanted to create something along the same lines, and he’s succeeding and this city should be giving their business to them. They’re great dudes to boot.

I second that! Great business and cater to everyones needs, if possible.