Though I would drop a line

Just went through my bookmarks in the web browser(just over 500). I have to admit I was a bit astonished I had not been here in so long. So hi from Kelowna You would know me as Brad G. Hi Omega thanks for the updates on life in Prince Rupert. Like the town and people hate the weather!

I am happily enjoying a life of endentured servitude(mortgage) in Kelowna. Working for Shaw Cable and trying to afford the okanagan lifestyle.(May have to sell CAT hair on ebay, not sure if it is to be sold by the pound or by the ounce)

I see there are a few new names and some old. Respond say hi say “F” off I will take it in stride. I can tell tales of traffic that will scare the very soul from your body.(What do you mean the cd is back at track 1 we haven’t even crossed the bridge) Of forest fires and crazy people burnt until they resemble KFC. I digress…

Good to see the forum open and busy as ever.