Those murals around town are awesome.. maybe this next?

Maybe this kind of thing should be added to the plans to pretty up the city.

Most of the murals on buildings are paid for by the building owners.

The murals and “Paint Prince Rupert” are some of the best beautification ideas put forward for this city in many many years.

They have revitalized the look of the downtown core and I hope MANY more are still to come next year.

Jeff King is the guy - - I hope other businesses in town will contact him

There are still many PROMINENT downtown businesses that need to seriously get off their asses, stop being lazy and CLEAN their buildings! (Cooks Jewellers! City Furniture! Raffles Inn! ect).

I really wish the city would force these businesses to clean their shit up!

The murals are nice, but I’m still a little miffed that they covered the one the kids did on McBride instead of maintaining it. And maybe they could get a different painter for a different style now…

I disagree. Jeff King does beautiful work and has changed the look of the buildings in Rupert. The wild life scenes suit this area. Can’t wait to see what he does next. As for the mural on McBride, it was done by volunteers and I wouldn’t call them all kids. This mural was showing its age, and it had never been maintained.

Sorry but Current Mural on Mcbride >>>>>>> old one…it’s not even close