This years property assessment values

I just looked up our house for this year. Ours went up $50k with no work permits done in 2015.

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Did a house nearby sell recently?

Isn’t that what it’s based on? An estimate of the price of a property on July 1st?

When mine shot up unexpectedly, it was because a very similar house nearby sold for an inflated amount.

it’s because of ur so called LNG !!

Seems like most of those character homes in every shape and form were bought by young families and empty nesters, which kinda explains the uptick.

BTW, wonder how the homes near the pellet plant are faring these days…

Prince Rupert is more than just the proposed LNG.

The fact is that properties in Prince Rupert were quite undervalued. In many cases at or below replacement cost. The local economy is starting to normalize and interest rates are still extremely low. Even if the LNG plants don’t come through, PR real estate doesn’t seem expensive at current levels.

Thx. Used the link - my house went up $3000 this year, but the land value went down by $1000
I’m surprised as headlines say assessments in resource communities are plummeting. Ours did last year when the ‘new mine is coming’ craze was over and the mine didn’t do shit for the community
Shit, I have equity! Better grab the phone and call to get APPROVED for a stupid purchase like a boat or snowmobile!

Thanks for the link, my house went up almost $30,000 this year. I did have some work done on my place.

I noticed increases on Water Street. not much change on Atlin and the Graham section that faces the pellet plant. I did see a house further up on Graham had an increase of $80k.

Hey that’s what you get for living in a town with so much awesome shopping , weather , entertainment , and recreation and tons of high paying jobs …

So investor …your telling me that it’s normal for someone to be able to get a nice house in Prince George for $300000 and what amounts to a fixer upper here for $ 300,000.?

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When you are buying a house in a pollution filled bowl, with rampant crime, broken roads, unending winter weather…I would expect to pay less as well for house as well.

Despite having weak shopping aspects and crappy weather (although, not having winter is a bonus)…I would argue that Prince Rupert has great entertainment, recreation and high paying jobs.

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